Kansas City Chiefs tight end Sean Culkin said he would take his 2021 salary in bitcoin. The Chiefs will pay his salary in dollars, which will automatically be converted to bitcoin on a weekly basis through Strike by Zap, an application that enables users to make bitcoin payments via bank account or debit card. Culkin’s base salary is $920,000.

Culkin said in a statement: “Considering my career — particularly its physical demands, and brevity – it makes the most sense to be paid in sound money that I believe protects its purchasing power over time. From a macro standpoint, I believe we are in the beginning stage of Bitcoin’s shift away from being extremely speculative, to a legitimate asset class viewed as a store of value.”

The player said he’s not recommending that anyone should follow his lead; he’s reportedly the first NFL player to receive all his salary in bitcoin.

Chiefs’ Sean Culkin Plans to Convert Entire Salary to Bitcoin, Would Be NFL 1st

Via bleacherreport.com

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