Torrential rains across Tennessee flooded homes and left roads impassable, prompting over 100 people to be rescued in the Nashville area. Authorities said four were found dead on Sunday in the flood’s aftermath. Mayor John Cooper said at a news conference Sunday that Nashville received more than 7 inches of rain, the second-highest two-day rainfall total ever recorded.

Nashville Fire Chief William Swann said at least 130 people were rescued from cars, apartments and homes, while about 40 dogs were moved from a Nashville boarding kennel, Camp Bow Wow, to another location. Mayor Cooper said first responders are working with the Red Cross to canvass affected neighborhoods. Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake said three bodies were found after Seven Mile Creek flooded. The body of a 70-year-old man, a 46-year-old woman and a 64-year-old man. Drake said a 65-year-old man’s body was found on a golf course. 

Many rivers and creeks were at or near their highest level since 2010, according to the National Weather Service. Floods in May 2010 caused 21 deaths in Tennessee and an estimated $1.5 billion in damage in Nashville.

At least four people dead, 130 rescued after Nashville floods


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